Over the past 20 years, we’ve developed a discerning eye for avoiding common pitfalls, communication missteps, and missed opportunities in the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles and refueling infrastructure. ANTARES has experience analyzing and recommending deployment strategies for a wide range of fleets. We can help:

  • Assess vehicle technologies and fuel choices (based on a detailed fleet profile, route analysis, business assessment,
    and user capabilities)
  • Identify fueling infrastructure strategies (including potential fuel sources, partners, and external revenue sources)
  • Create financial pro forma analyses to assess a project’s long-term viability
  • Provide an up-to-date competitive analysis of the state of the industry 

As a technical partner, ANTARES has one thing in mind: your best interest. We don’t work for fuel marketers. We don’t work for manufacturers. We aren’t sponsored by industry associations. We are passionate, technical, driven individuals with first-hand knowledge of all of the alternative-transportation technologies we recommend. 


CNG-LNG Corridors.jpg

CNG Deployment Strategy

ANTARES assisted Colorado evaluate CNG infrastructure deployment strategies


Municipal Fleet Studies


Assessment of a City's opportunity to deploy alternative fuel vehicles in its municipal fleet

CEO CNG Vehicle Case Studies 3.jpg

CNG Case Studies

ANTARES prepared case studies for CNG Fleet deployment in Colorado

CNG Guidebook.JPG

NGV Guidebook

A team of experts, led by ANTARES staff prepare a NGV guidebook for New York State