Geothermal energy may not be as visible as solar, wind, or biomass energy, but its potential to assist our clients in reducing their reliance on fossil fuels is significant all the same. In particular, geothermal heat pumps (GHP) or equivalently, ground-source heat pumps (GSHP) have applications across a broad geographic latitude. GHP systems combine several well-established technologies that present low operational and technology risk which is an important consideration for commercial adoption. These technologies also have the potential to be "dropped into" existing HVAC systems with little infrastructure disturbance and are often paired with mini-split systems that are becoming increasingly popular in HVAC design. Paybacks remain relatively long, but the energy and carbon emission savings for implementing the systems are significant and readily achievable. ANTARES is working with federal, state and private entities to assess the feasibility and requirements of installing these systems and we have staff with HVAC design experience that can help our clients make the best choices for their application. 

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Federal Agency

Commercial-scale GSHP project feasibility analysis and planning at Federal Facilities

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Design and Implemetnation Support for Commercial GSHP  projects

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Policy/Program Support

Best practices and technical analysis support for state/federal policy and planning