When derived from sustainable resources, bioenergy offers unique opportunities to utilize renewable energy in ways that are challenging for other renewable technologies. For example, biomass is available in various forms across the U.S. and can be used to generate heat, power, transportation fuels and sometimes all three at once. Examples of biomass resources include agricultural residues, energy crops, forest residues and wood waste, animal manures and food waste. 

ANTARES has been assisting clients identify and use biomass resources since the company was founded and our experience ranges from conducting feedstock supply assessments to serving as owner's representative in the conceptualization, development and operation of energy plants. A few examples of our capabilities include:

  • Feedstock logistics and supply/demand analyses for lender's due diligence and project development
  • Supporting advanced feedstock research programs through Department of Energy grants
  • Owner's representative services throughout project development including feasibility studies, preliminary engineering, project management and start-up/commissioning support. 
  • Feasibility studies for anaerobic digester (ADG) projects including fiber supply studies
  • Whether it’s a small biomass heating system or a utility-scale biomass power project, ANTARES can gauge the feasibility of a project and help clients see them through to success. A few project examples are provided below that highlight some of the work we have performed. 


Gainesville resource analysis 2.jpg

Gainesville, Florida

Fuel supply assessment for 100 MW biomass power plant


Biomass CHP

Biomass CHP project for Business & Technology Park in central NY

Landscape Design.jpg

Biomass Research

Research and development of sustainability biomass feedstocks

Southern Company Biomass Supply GHG Impacts.jpg

Biomass Power Study

Review of biomass power options and supplies for SCS