GUSC Biomass CHP Project

ANTARES was brought on to help Griffiss Utility Services Corporation (GUSC), a small New York utility company to develop a wood-fired CHP project. ANTARES helped the client choose a configuration that balanced economic risk, technical performance, and energy savings for the park tenants. The chosen configuration employs a commercial biomass boiler which will provide steam to generate electricity with a back-pressure steam turbine and provide process heat for steam loop customers.

ANTARES completed a feasibility study for a wide variety of options and pursued vendor bids for construction and commissioning. The technical assistance included modeling the existing steam plant and distribution system for the park.
In addition to the technical modeling, ANTARES served the client by determining the biomass resource surrounding the facility and helped secure the necessary supply. With ANTARES assistance, the project was able to secure government funding to buy down the project cost from federal and state government sources.



Biomass CHP Project

ANTARES assisted GUSC review a wide variety of options that balanced technical risk and economic return for its customers.