The Future of Energy Isn't What It Used to be.

The future is ever changing and is shaped by technology and market evolution that is not always linear or predictable. This is especially true for the energy sector which is in the midst of a revolution in the way energy is generated, stored and delivered. While we can't claim to have foreseen all the details of this revolution, ANTARES Group Incorporated (ANTARES) is a consulting and project development firm that has focused exclusively on renewable energy and efficiency technologies for more than 25 years. From day one, our work has included technical evaluations of specific project opportunities, resource analysis, market studies and assisting government agencies to evaluate and implement policies that result in clean, practical energy and energy efficiency solutions. Maybe the future of energy isn't always what we had imagined, but it is shaping up to be what we had always hoped for.

Ask us about our experience in the clean energy sector and how we can help you implement energy options that prepare your business for the ever-changing future of global energy production and use.