They practically covered all different [energy efficiency] options available at those facilities, resulting in more than anticipated options for the VA... The contractor met 100% of the 5 task objectives in a 15 day timeframe versus the 30 days typically alloted for feasibility studies.
— Department of Veterans Affairs, Contracting Officer


The ANTARES Group has developed a unique set of skills and experience in clean energy consulting since its founding in 1992. These qualifications have been developed through our dedication to assisting clients navigate and succeed as new technologies emerge to move our society to a more sustainable, cleaner energy future. Our longevity has afforded us opportunities to participate in project and policy development that has helped transform the energy industry. An additional summary of our capabilities is provided below.  

Feasibility Analysis

ANTARES staff includes recognized experts in wind, solar, geothermal, biopower and biofuels. We have conducted hundreds of feasibility studies that include evaluating specific projects, vetting advanced technologies, evaluating energy resources and market outlets. Our work has been conducted for private and government sector clients throughout North America.  

Renewable Resource Assessments

Renewable energy resource assessments are an important part of our capabilities and corporate history. Our staff have conducted studies for small- and utility-scale wind, solar PV and biomass energy projects. We have participated in evaluating biomass fuel supplies for some of the largest projects in North America, and have evaluated GW's worth of solar and wind projects combined. 

Policy Support

ANTARES staff are involved at all levels of government to assist our public sector clients develop and maintain policies that support a sustainable, cleaner energy economy. The technical expertise and project development experience that our staff offers ensures that our government clients receive a full view of the important factors influencing the success of proposed new policies and programs. 

Project Management & Development

ANTARES has a long history of  renewable energy project management and we are very familiar with all phases of the development and commissioning processes, including:

  • Analysis of the host site and project objectives;
  • Project design and engineering based on life-cycle modeling and forecasting;
  • Evaluation, selection, and coordination of project vendors and sub-contractors;
  • Project permitting and jurisdictional post-installation inspection; and
  • Final system commissioning and benchmarking.

Owner’s Engineering/Representative

For many of our clients, managing large renewable energy/efficiency projects or a portfolio projects can be daunting for a variety of reasons. ANTARES has helped by providing OE/Representative services for a variety of project types, including large-scale solar energy development initiatives. Our staff is experienced in coordinating with contractors and reviewing all proposed engineering work to ensure that project designs lives up to their promises and fulfills our clients' objectives.