Gainesville Renewable
Energy Center

ANTARES conducted an independent evaluation of the supply shed and key supply and price issues associated with the development of a 100 MW biomass power plant near Gainesville, Florida. At full capacity, the plant consumes approximately 1 million tons of wood fuel per year. For the analysis, ANTARES constructed a detailed GIS-based model of the impacts of fuel supply competition on the availability and pricing of biomass fuel to the project and its competition. This effort incorporated network analysis of transportation distances and costs, engineering economic analysis of fuel harvesting (corroborated by local harvest costs and productivity). ANTARES provided technical due diligence support for project financing, answering key questions for an international group of lenders. ANTARES continued to support financial institutions involved with the project for subsequent project refinancing. 

Gainesville resource analysis 2.jpg

Wood Resource Study

ANTARES assists project developer complete a 100 MW biomass power project in Florida, one of the largest in North America