Southern Company Services Biomass Power Study

ANTARES analyzed regional biomass resource availability and the potential for developing greenfield, cofiring, and/or repowering projects at existing coal burning power stations for Southern Company. The study assessed the potential implications of supply and demand interactions within regions. ANTARES developed plant clusters which follow natural geographic breaks between demand centers.  The supply and demand dynamics were considered at a plant level, then distribution of supply and demand were evaluated at the cluster level. In a follow-up project, ANTARES has updated the underlying resource analysis values for the U.S. Southeast and developed innovative biomass supply strategies that can help optimize the potential greenhouse gas benefits of biomass utilization in the U.S. Southeast while mitigating the potential for resource competition to affect long-term biomass pricing and availability.  

Southern Company Biomass Supply GHG Impacts.jpg

Biomass Power Project Development Options

ANTARES assisted SCS review the potential for large-scale deployment of biomass power projects in the Southeast.