Our staff believes that energy efficiency projects should be the first, not last thought in global efforts to pursue a more sustainable energy future. We take this stance for several important reasons. First, many energy conservation efforts can be implemented on relatively low or even no cost. For our industrial/commercial clients, strategic energy management or continuous commissioning can drive down energy use and carbon footprints very quickly and with low capital investments. Second, deploying renewable energy solutions or new combined heat and power projects remain capital intensive. Proper sizing of these systems should always occur in context of driving down baseline energy usage through energy efficiency projects first. This can lower overall capital outlays and drive down the risk that large capital projects will underperform because of future energy conservation actions, technology changes or new operating strategies.  

Within this context, ANTARES can help building owners reduce their energy costs in a variety of ways. Our staff has conducted hundreds of industrial energy audits and has provided training on conducting energy audits to utility engineers, university professors, and engineering students. We have prepared Energy Master Plans and ASHRAE Level I,II, III energy audits for major institutions, including universities/colleges targeted at immediate and long-term improvements in energy use. We have also assisted in feasibility analysis ranging from simple lighting upgrades to implementation of advanced combined heat and power projects. 

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Scoping Studies

ASHRAE Level I Scoping Studies

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Multi-Campus Assessments

ECM Study for Multiple Campuses

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Chiller Plant Replacement

Analysis of Chiller Plant Replacement

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University Campus

Master Energy Plan for NY University