Chilled Water Plant Project Review

Under contract to National Grid, ANTARES reviewed an energy savings project implemented by an Energy Service Company (ESCO).  ANTARES performed a technical review of energy savings model prepared by the vendor for a new central chilled water plant that aggregated several aging distributed chiller plants.   The effort included discrete technical review tasks from pre-installation to post-installation.  One subtask developed a minimum requirements document that included measurement and verification (M&V) data collection during a performance period, which was reviewed by ANTARES. ANTARES analysis was used to determine the project custom incentive through National Grid's Custom Energy Initiative Program and the actual energy savings from the M&V period that the ESCO-implemented projects delivered to the customer. 

National Grid Tech Review - Chiller Plant Replacement 40.066.056.JPG

Project Due Diligence

ANTARES serves as an expert third party during energy efficiency project implementation