Federal Campus Feasibility Studies

ANTARES staff have assisted multiple federal agencies review the feasibility of installing or upgrading ground source heat pumps (GSHP).   For example, the VA NEBC contracted ANTARES to assess the feasibility of installing geothermal heat pumps (GHP) at several facilities VA Medical Centers (VAMC). around the country including the facilities in Columbia South Carolina.  In consideration of planned renovations and replacement of end of life equipment, ANTARES developed GSHP configuration options that built on each other (i.e. could be installed in phases), and which could thus be used to help save energy in the near term with the potential for further energy improvements in the future.  All options were compared to the same baseline in the life cycle cost calculations, in which the planned renovations occur, and equipment near end of useful life is replaced.

Columbia VA-GSHP.jpg

Federal Campus GSHP Feasibility Assessments

ANTARES assisted the Department of Veterans Affairs review campus GSHP options