New Hampshire PUC Technical Support

ANTARES Group Inc. (ANTARES) provided technical assistance to the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC) in developing procedures for metering and measuring useful thermal energy output from solar, geothermal, and thermal biomass renewable energy technologies for both residential and commercial scale systems for the commission's rulemaking process under PUC 2500. 

ANTARES developed the technical basis and methodology for accurately metering and measuring the renewable thermal output for renewable energy certificate (RECs) requirements on an ongoing basis including requirements for GSHP technologies. A key deliverable of the project was the preparation of draft language for PUC 2500. The draft language covered certification of renewable thermal energy systems, measurement of energy production and monitoring and verification. The language also included methodologies for alternate compliance

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GSHP Policy Support

ANTARES provided technical guidance to NHPUS on thermal RECs for renewable energy technologies including GSHPs.