CNG Case Studies for Large Vehicle Fleets in Colorado

ANTARES developed case studies of existing compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fleets as part of Colorado Energy Office (CEO) efforts to examine CNG vehicle opportunities and barriers. ANTARES developed a case study framework and screened fleets for study using criteria that are intended to increase the usefulness of the product, including geographic diversity, length of CNG experience, vehicle diversity, and ownership. The three fleets selected included Republic Services (Republic), Denver International Airport (DIA), and the City of Grand Junction.   As part of the project, ANTARES interviewed CNG fleet managers and CNG stakeholders. ANTARES also used the case study framework as a guide to collect information on the decision to use CNG, management considerations, project accomplishments, vehicle selection, refueling system design, overall performance, and maintenance issues. The case studies summarized lessons learned and provided recommendations for areas where technical assistance might increase CNG vehicle deployment. 

CEO CNG Vehicle Case Studies 3.jpg

CNG Case Studies for Colorado-based Fleets

ANTARES prepared case studies for using CNG in several large vehicle fleets in Colorado