City of Westminster AFV Fleet Assessment

ANTARES worked with the City of Westminster in Colorado to conduct an evaluation of their fleet assets and identify AFV and advanced transportation technologies that would maximize economic and other benefits for the City. The project team worked with multiple stakeholders in the process and the City implemented many recommendations from the report.

This alternative energy fleet assessment evaluated the current vehicle assets and identified priorities, costs, timing and key performance indicators for alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies, in order to estimate maximum economic benefits. After reviewing the current vehicle operations for the city, technologies with the highest potential for economic benefit were identified as hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and idle reduction technologies. Other alternative fuel and advanced technology solutions that were not good near-term options for the city based on the operational characteristics and current market costs were briefly analyzed, as these may prove viable in the future if conventional fuel prices increase or fleet consolidation increases the per vehicle utilization.


Alternative Fuels - Municipal Fleet Assessments

ANTARES conducted a review of Westminster's vehicle fleet to assess the potential of alternative fuels to meet various strategic objectives