Colorado Office
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Tim Rooney

Sr. Forester/Sr. Project Manager

Tim is a forester and project manager with experience that includes evaluating the availability and cost of biomass from urban, forest, wood products manufacturing, agricultural, and animal sources. Tim has performed over 20 resource and siting characterizations for biomass heating and power generation in the past five years alone. Tim led ANTARES efforts as the independent fuel consultant acting on behalf of lenders for the financing for two 100 MW power plants in the U.S. He performed due diligence efforts in support of project financing, which included competitive bench marking, market analysis, technical, and environmental due diligence. Tim's expertise includes developing regional economic biomass supply estimates supported by the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He also employs ANTARES internal models that assess the implications of uncertainty in regional markets, diesel costs, land use change, and severe weather on long-term biomass availability and pricing. 

Primary skills:

  • Bioenergy/Biofuels resource assessments
  • Renewable energy project feasibility studies
  • Supply logistics and planning