Maryland Office
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Kevin DeGroat

Senior Program Manager

Kevin has worked in the field of energy and environmental policy since 1985, specializing in clean energy technology and utility markets, energy policy, equipment standards and certification procedures. For the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) he provides analysis and advice on renewable energy, greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and energy data for both FEMP and FEMP’s agency clients. For the Department of Homeland Security, he assembles and checks all energy and GHG reporting, analyzes trends, and organizes the energy and environmental data for additional analysis. He is currently leading a team developing an easy to use, no-cost software program for agency energy auditors to enter data on building energy systems during walk-throughs to help populate DHS’ databases on building condition and energy systems. For Sandia National Labs, Kevin helped organize and coordinate their joint research on smart grid technologies with other laboratories in Europe and Asia under the International Energy Agency (IEA) International Smart Grid Action Network’s (ISGAN) Smart Grid International Research Facilities Network (SIRFN). Other clients have included the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Department of Defense, the Office of Solar Energy Technologies, the Geothermal Technologies Program, and the Office of Building Technologies Solar Heating and Cooling subprogram.

Primary skills:

  • Clean energy research program management and budgeting
  • Clean energy and environmental policy analysis and support
  • Project management