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Heidi Alsbrooks, CEM

Senior Project Manager

Heidi is a project manager and renewable energy scientist specializing in research and analysis associated with renewable energy project development and renewable energy policy and permitting. She has been a key part of project development efforts leading to nearly a gigawatt of operating wind power capacity, the development of specialized GIS siting models for the assessment of distributed renewable energy generation projects, and research and analysis into renewable energy policy incentives. Ms. Alsbrooks has testified at public zoning hearings, and is intimately familiar with all aspects of a project’s life-cycle, from initial contact with potential stakeholders through permitting and construction.  She has also assisted in creating power sales proposals, grant applications, and permit applications for wind projects. Ms. Alsbrooks has a M.S. in Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT) and a B.S. in Architecture.

Primary skills:

  • GIS Analysis
  • Solar/Wind project development
  • Energy efficiency