Solar Siting (Utility/Commercial)

As part of its practice, ANTARES has created a GIS-based solar siting analysis tool (SST)  to understand how key factors such as system scale, performance, construction costs, and market conditions will impact project siting. More than a GIS model, the SST incorporates advanced economic analysis algorithms performed external to the GIS mapping functions to identify individual land parcels that are likely to support viable project development. Importantly, ANTARES has developed a roof-top and ground mounted analysis system.  The SST is useful in providing very rapid and initial feasibility analysis for large land areas such as counties, groups of counties or even an entire state that can be used to develop project funnels for development. Depending on data availability and client requirements, analysis components can include evaluating parcels or groups with respect to:

  • Terrain, land values, and current uses
  • PV system performance under a variety of design configurations including fixed tilt and Ix tracking.
  • Interconnection requirements
  • Environmental/regulatory requirements
  • Total capital requirements and annual O&M costs
  • Market rates for REC contracts or PPA rates for bundled sales
  • Economic sensitivity analyses for entire data sets based on user varied inputs for a variety of parameters.



Solar Siting.JPG

SST Example Output

ANTARES SST can assist clients identify how and where solar projects will be developed on a broad geographical scale.